The Comfort Zone

Tonight, in the Teen & Adult class, we worked on Bong Hyung E Dan. This is a non-traditional tournament staff form. There is a lot of staff spinning in this form. This is not my strong suit. Neither is grappling.

However, these classes are the most valuable. Whenever we work on something that makes you uncomfortable, you are growing as a student. The more you are taken out of your “comfort zone”, the better.

When I first started at David Fuller Karate, one of the things I had to do that was outside of my “comfort zone” was teaching. I am an introvert by nature. Often times, I trip over my own words. It has taken me years of experience and practice and, honestly, confidence, in order to become comfortable with teaching on a routine basis.

This is what you can count on when training at DFK. Be sure to stop by the site at to learn more and get started.

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