You are never too old

I am one of the few adult students at David Fuller Karate. While we specialize in kids Tang Soo Do, I would like to take a moment to say that you are never too old to start Tang Soo Do training. Tang Soo Do does contain many physical aspects, like any other martial art. However, at its core, Tang Soo Do is a mental quest. I test this theory each time I train.

As a 4th Dan, I honestly am not learning something new at each class. This is simply a fact of my rank. Instead, part of my mental training, I have found, is to perform at a high level as my body begins the process of breaking down. To not be discouraged as parts of your body ache that never have before requires a mental toughness that Tang Soo Do teaches. Along with teaching, this is the biggest part of my training lately.

I encourage adults to join our program by visiting today to begin your journey to excellence!

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