Practicing when there is no class

For 5 years, I did not attend any Tang Soo Do training. I had left home in San Diego for college in New Jersey. I had no money and no car. I had neither the means nor way to attend a Tang Soo Do school in the area. I was also pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees while working part time. Training was not an option.

So what I did was practice Tang Soo Do in my dorm rooms every Sunday for 5 years by myself. This is how I retained the previous 10 years of training and didn’t lose any of it. And when I moved to Pennsylvania and joined David Fuller Karate, Master Fuller accepted me at my previous rank of 2nd Dan.

As we enter the winter break, I ask all students to do a very, very small version of this – practice your techniques and forms once or twice between now and when classes resume in January. Exercise the discipline. You’ll be surprised at how effective it will be.

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