Easy way to remember basic forms

Here are a few tricks to remembering how to turn in Kee Cho Hyungs (Basic Forms).

  1. When finished with the form, you should end up where you started. In other words, Jun Bee and Ba Ro should be in the same spot on the floor.
  2. Your steps, if plotted on the floor and viewed from above, should look like a capital letter “I”.
  3. When it comes time for a turn, ask yourself “Did I kihap?”

    If the answer is “No”, then your front foot moves over your front shoulder
    If the answer is “Yes”, then your back foot moves over your back shoulder

    Relying on relative memorization techniques like these are important. Relying on absolute techniques can be problematic, like “Turn towards the back wall”. If you perform at a tournament, the surroundings will be totally different. Or, if I ask you to do your forms facing a corner and not a wall, you may find yourself completely disoriented.

Start training today at David Fuller Karate to learn these tips, and many more!

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