When values collide

At David Fuller Karate, we teach loyalty and never quitting. You might notice that up until recently, I was often spotted wearing a lightning bolt somewhere on my clothes. In case you didn’t know, I was born and raised in San Diego and was a die-hard Chargers supporter. So why did I quit being a loyal Chargers supporter this week?

You may view this as disloyal and as giving up. And this goes against what we teach. But we also teach staying true to yourself and never trying to be something you are not.

I was a loyal supporter of the San Diego Chargers my entire life. On Thursday, they became the Los Angeles Chargers. My support for the Chargers was rooted entirely in the fact that they represented my home, and by extension, me. I have tried to support teams that didn’t represent my home town. It didn’t work. I tried being a Lakers or Bulls fan. There was no connection for me. This is why I never truly supported an NBA or NHL team until I moved to the Philadelphia region.

This is an example of values colliding. It is an ethical question, and each person must resolve the question themselves. I know other supporters who say they will continue supporting the team in LA. That is fine. They have decided for themselves which value is more important.

In karate, it is no different. You will face dilemmas where one life lesson collides with another. There might be a cluttered mess of targets that you know should be cleaned up, but you also know that you should have the self-discipline to prepare to leave class in a timely manner because the next class is coming in.

As you advance in your training, you will learn how to make the right choices. We can help you on your journey at David Fuller Karate.

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