May was self-discipline month

In the month of May, we discussed self-discipline. Just because May is over, and school is out, does not mean that we should all go back to not picking up clothes on the floor, allowing back knees to be bent in front stance, or not cleaning dishes after dinner.

Self-discipline is enormously important in all aspects of life.

  • At home, do your chores without being asked. You know you’ll have to do them anyway. Why put them off?
  • At school, study for your tests ahead of time instead of the last minute. You know the test is going to happen. Why create a high-pressure situation at the last minute?
  • At karate, stand at attention with eyes up front even if something noisy or interesting is happening in the waiting area. You know Master Fuller, Miss Steph, or I will see you and ask you to focus. Why disrupt class?

You need to be sure that you are continuously practicing these life lessons. This is an added value to our program and should not be forgotten. Don’t let the lessons expire until the next time we talk about self-discipline.

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