June’s life lesson

Have you completed June’s new life lesson homework yet? The new lesson is wellness. This is, of course, about staying healthy, taking care of yourself, and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and maintaining a healthy diet. What does wellness have to do with karate?

Ask yourself – can you do karate if you are feeling drained of energy each day? What if you are feeling ill from a stomach ache? How high will your front kicks be? How can you practice karate regularly if you are spending large amounts of time on the toilet?

Even worse – if you become ill because of too much sugar and end up in the hospital, can you practice karate anymore?

It is true that we state that people of any age or body type can practice karate. This is true. Karate is mostly mental. I am not the most in-shape person, but I am able to practice karate because I try to eat a balanced diet and keep clean as much as I can. This is what wellness is about. Your body must be well – not like a super model or body builder, but you must be able to function – in order for you to exercise the mental activities of practicing karate.

Keep this in mind when the instructors are discussing wellness. Make sure you are observing this at karate, at school, at home, and wherever you are.

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