We are going crazy just thinking about the amount of value!

Folks, can you believe that the West Chester Area School District is almost back in session? Where did this summer go? It really makes you think.

When summer ends, school starts. And when school ends during day, I’m here to ask you – what are your kids doing?

  • Do you have a sitter for those few hours between the end of the school day and the end of your work day?
  • Do they go to a health club or gym?
  • Do they go to a day care/camp?

If you are doing any of these, and are also enrolled in our karate school, listen up. David Fuller Karate can probably save you tons of money.

Let’s do some back-of-the-envelope math. Let’s suppose there is a 2 hour gap you need to cover, and you pay $10/hour 4 days a week. That’s $80/week, or about $320/month.

All I covered was the “happy path” scenario here. You are still paying karate tuition. Also – What about half days? What about in-service days? What about late fees?

Sign up for the David Fuller Karate After School Program. For only $68/month more ($388/month), you get all of the following.

  • 5 days every week
  • Half days included
  • In-service days included
  • Karate tuition included
  • 0 late fees
  • All color belt testing fees included

You read that last line correctly – all belt testing is covered. Truly, the amount of value here is enormous. We anticipate a rush of sign-ups, so don’t be left out of luck on this.

Go to DavidFullerKarate.com right now and get on top of this super-speed.

Spread the word – after you have secured your spot, of course.

Oh, and we are also now picking up at Collegeum Charter School. Awesome, right?

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