Keep your life lessons with you – for life

This is a post for the parents – the kids are back at school now. So it’s back to a bunch of screaming maniacs who don’t listen. Right?

Wrong. We teach life lessons at David Fuller Karate. This is additional value that you get from us. It’s why we are more than “only” a gym or even a karate studio. We create leaders.

This includes your kids. Keep an eye on your snail mail. A letter will be sent for your young warrior that incentivizes leadership. Just have your child do 3 things at school that exemplify the life lessons. These could be anything like holding the door, helping the teacher clean up, or including shy classmates in games.

Then, have the teacher sign it, and you sign it too. Bring it to 1 of the instructors at DFK and your child receives 3 buddy bucks! Then take it a step further – write a post on Facebook about the experience and tag us (@davidfullerkarate) to earn 2 more buddy bucks! Keep a sharp eye.

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