Mind over body – over body

So, here I am again, with a tweaked back. During sparring class last Thursday, I went too hard too fast and ended up with a very sore back at the end of it. It was the same level of pain as the pain I had before I experienced extreme back spasms that sent me to Paoli Hospital in 2014. So needless to say, I have been very cautious lately with it.

Fortunately, the back stretches I have done this weekend have improved my condition drastically. But, this has been toughest on me mentally. It seems that I am always fighting a body in decline, and I become more and more reliant on stretching, which in a class full of kids isn’t always what they want to focus on. And it seems, this year specifically, that whenever I can achieve some sort of regularity in training and teaching, that something will occur in my non-karate life to derail me.

I am already going to be out of town 11-15 Sep 2017, and really I should also take this week off to ensure I am not injured for my trip. That means I’m looking at another 2 week absence. However, I think part of my training is learning to cope with a degraded body. I’ve said this before. But I think it truly means to come to training and do whatever training can be done in whatever shape I am in, even if I am injured.

I am inspired by my younger self, when I trained with a cast on from broken wrist injuries. Even in present day, we recently showcased on Instagram a young warrior doing the same – training with a cast on and doing whatever she could.

So look for me Tuesday or Wednesday. And if I can’t make it in, know that I intended to!

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