As body breaks down, mind gets stronger!

This is a follow-up on Mind over body – over body. I was in class on Wednesday, and I spent the first half of it teaching. The second half I spent intentionally going half-effort on exercises that would place stress on my back muscles, like kicks, jumps, and running. It was a new experience for me. I’m used to going 100% on everything.

However, I think it was good for me mentally. It felt good to be out there and contributing, even if my body wasn’t able to support all of what I wanted to do. As much I don’t want it to be the case, I think this sort of compromise will be more common the further I advance in my training.

I think many would quit under these circumstances, claiming that “karate is a young person’s game”. Not me. I still get a kick out of being half-blind, twice as old, and sometimes with a bad back, and still winning all of my sparring matches against some of the county’s best teenagers. 🙂

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