The body informs the mind

We stretch, or should, during warm ups before training. I often/always say during warm ups “if it isn’t hurting, it isn’t working”. That is – sitting there in total comfort while you are stretching your legs is not stretching at all. The discomfort during stretching is how you know you are actually stretching out a muscle.

The same could be said about the mind. If you aren’t outside of your comfort zone, even just a little bit, then get outside of it. This is how you can know whether your mental training during your karate training is effective or not.

This will be different for everyone. Some people may not be good at forms because they are not good at memorization. This is OK. As long as you are trying and improving, you know you are getting a good mental work-out. Others may not be so good at sparring because they are afraid of contact. No need to worry. Keep working on it!

For me, I may have said on this blog before that when I started teaching at DFK that this was not my strength area because I am introverted by nature. Teaching is naturally opposed to introversion. But look at me now – I did 2 Facebook Live videos this weekend (Kids Open and Teen & Adult if you want to watch)! I think teaching here really has resulted in some personal growth for me and has benefitted me in both my professional non-karate life and personal life.

So please remember to not neglect your mental training, and it is up to you to make sure that it is working!

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