Basic techniques are not boring, no matter how high your rank

On Monday night, I, Master Matt, 4th degree black belt who has been doing karate for 24 years, took a yellow belt test.

Huh? What? Come again?

No, it’s true. I took a yellow belt test on Monday. In the Teen & Adult class that night, it was me and 3 white belts, all of whom were testing in class for yellow belt. So the class was essentially a yellow belt test. And I tested alongside these students.

I suppose you’d expect that I would be bored and unhappy with this class, thinking it was a waste of my time, right?

Wrong! I was sweating and got a good workout that night! The reason was because, aside from the fact that I’m getting old and need to stay in shape, I took the opportunity to practice details in my basic techniques and stances. To a true student of Tang Soo Do, every class is an opportunity for training and improvement.

The experience made me realize to not feel so bad for the advanced ranks for running through basic forms or basic techniques when teaching classes, thinking that they are bored. It is part of their training to continually practice their basics!

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