This may end up being a stream of consciousness post, so bear with me.

Too often, I see people let society define them. They let other people’s prejudices or biases influence so much that they do. People are afraid to stand out, and afraid of conflict.

I find this philosophy and style of life tiresome. I find people who let themselves live this way drain the energy from me and those around them. I hear sometimes that such people believe merit really is all that matters, and whatever factor contributing to someone’s bias really does not matter to them, but it matters to others, and that’s why we have to pay so much attention to it.

To that I say – bull-loney. This is still letting others and their ridiculous behavior control you. If you really want a meritocracy, you can find it at David Fuller Karate. Martial arts is the closest we have to a true meritocracy. You are essentially your accomplishments. You literally wear it around your waist in the form of your belt.

To get started with us and our intro program, you can visit us at Our program is 6 weeks and a uniform for only $69.

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