It certainly seems to me that another part of my training, aside from teaching the teachers, is longevity, and by that, I mean the ability to miss a time period of training, like a week or 2, and come back with the same mental accuracy and at least adequate physical performance. As I get older, it is increasingly common for non-karate life to overtake me and take over my entire life, interfering with both work life and non-work life.

To have the strength to come back after absence is something I have had to work on all this year, given what has gone on with me personally. The temptation is all too great to say “Oh I’ve missed 2 weeks, and it is going to be a hassle to have to come back and maybe mess up forms, or maybe not be able to do round house kicks with the same ability and intensity as I did as an 18 year old”.

This is a defeatist and unrealistic attitude. It has to be overcome. Life comes at you fast, and it is never occurring in an ideal way. It is messy and we all need to adapt and overcome.

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