You can’t train from books – but they can help

We have made it a point to say a few times in class and here that you cannot learn Tang Soo Do from videos or books. There is no substitute for physical repetition. This will always be true.

But, books can be a help, especially if you are looking to learn new terminology, or if you have missed or forgotten that tricky section of a new form you have learned. So if you are looking a good investment or a good gift to give, we can recommend 2 books by Grandmaster Ho Sik Pak.

They are Complete Tang Soo Do Manual Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. These are 2 great books that are full of forms annotated with pictures of the techniques and turns, as well as numerous applications of the forms. This is almost as important as learning the forms themselves. Knowing why a form is what it is proves to be the difference between a novice and a master.

This really also only touches on the surface of the content in the book. Grandmaster Pak has done a great job listing terminology and information on each hyung, as well as self defense techniques, mental training, and so, so much more. There is a reason why we have these 2 books at the studio, and why you’ll see Master Fuller and I referencing it frequently.

So if you are ever in the studio and want a sneak peak, be sure to ask an instructor to take a look. And see if you can spot Master Fuller in the book! He’s in there somewhere…

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