Belt testing preparation tips – 1 steps

I am passing along another bit of advice when it comes to belt testing, and this time, it is about 1-step fighting hand and foot techniques. Like all of the tips, it is oriented around removing any aides you had used to learn the 1-steps, because the aides may not be there when you are testing.


It is well-known that we do not ask 1-step fighting hand and foot techniques in order during black belt testing. We do a random order. Fortunately, it is very easy to do this on your own. Simply use this link to generate a random sequence from 1 to 15 – RANDOM.ORG – Sequence Generator

Then, have a friend or parent call out the numbers and you can perform each technique. Better yet, this is a great use of time for Saturday Open Practice.

Reversed side

Try doing the 1-steps by swapping left for right so you can really understand each 1-step itself, and get away from your muscle memory a bit. After all, do you really know the technique if you are completely thrown off by reversing sides?

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