Do you ever notice the difference between masters and novices? There is something different about how masters do techniques. They seem…crisper. You may call this “power”. But this sort of power isn’t the same power that may be applied to a punching bag or targets.

No, these masters seem very powerful when they are punching thin air. So how do you achieve this? It isn’t clear that it is something that can be taught, but I think it can. Instead of thinking about it like it is power, think of it as trying to make your uniform noisy. Do your punches or kicks until your uniform makes noise. This is a pretty good indication that you are doing powerful techniques.

To get started, you should try doing techniques fast. This is the quickest way to get your uniform to make noise. I’m not talking about fast and sloppily. Do your technique correctly…but very quickly. It will make your uniform make that “snapping” noise. The more this is done, the more power you will generate.

After all, do you believe it is really possible to do powerful slow punches? That isn’t something that happens.

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