April’s life lesson is cleanliness

This month, we will talk a lot in class about our life lesson this month – cleanliness. We’ll discuss the basics, like what it means to be clean at home – brushing your teeth, cleaning your room – at school – keeping your desk clean, picking up trash on the playground – but also what it means for karate.

It may not be immediately obvious why we would talk about cleanliness in a karate school. Maybe we are concerned with having a messy dojan…and we are. It is always good to keep the dojan cleaner than you found it. But there are other, less obvious reasons why this is important to your training.

Tactically speaking – let’s suppose you are trying to leave for karate class, and your room is a big, disorganized junk pile. But hey, it is your junk pile, so you think this is OK. Then, you ask your friend to go find your uniform for you because you have to take the dog out for a potty break. Your friend takes forever to try to find your uniform because of the clutter and disorganization – the lack of cleanliness. You are now late for class and missing out on training because you did not practice good cleanliness.

Strategically speaking – karate takes focus and concentration. There is a limited amount of information/chaos that a human’s brain can absorb at any given time. We have mentioned this before on this blog. Trying to understand the chaos or disorganization of a messy, unclean area or situation will detract from your training. You may not think it will, but it eventually will catch up to you. A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind. A cluttered mind cannot focus on karate.

Be on the lookout for the life lesson homework this month and make sure you turn it in for you April stripe!

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