10 Articles of Faith for Mental Training

If you are looking to supplement your mental training, we recommend checking out the 10 Articles of Faith for Mental Training.

  1. Loyalty to one’s country

    This is so important. Throughout the history of man’s relation to man, country time and time again is what binds groups together. As much as we’d wish there to be no countries and simply be a global community under 1 sovereign, time and time again, human nature shows this will not be the case. Without your country and your fellow countrymen, you will not have a home. We practice this each class when we salute the flags.

  2. Loyalty to one’s parents

    Your parents gave you life. Without them, there is no you. For students in the kids classes: this is why your belt can be taken away if your parents let us know that you are being disrespectful or disloyal.

  3. Trust and brotherhood among friends

    No person is an island. No person can accomplish greatness alone. This is why we bow to our partners/friends in training to build up trust and brotherhood among the students.

  4. Courage never to retreat in the face of the enemy

    Courage and self-confidence must be shown. It is actually disrespectful to your fellow warriors to allow fear to take over your decision-making. In sparring, for example, always be brave, no matter how hard you think your opponent is kicking.

  5. Justice never to take a life without cause

    There is a difference between murder and killing. Murder is killing without just cause. We may not need to take this 1 literally…think about our self-defense life lesson. When you must use force against another person, you are authorized to use the force only to end the enemy’s ability to make war on you. It is not just to continue attacks once you have control of the situation.

  6. Be loving between husband and wife

    This is applicable only to our adult students. The bond between husband and/or wife is a bond to be respected. As a martial artist, marital health is tied to mental health, which is tied to physical health. You owe it to yourself and your fellow warriors to maintain a loving relationship.

  7. Be respectful to your elders

    Yes, old people can be funny when they talk about the years that you cannot remember, or when they try to use technology. But, they have lived life longer than you. They have more experience. They’ve done this art called “life” 10000 more times than you. They are like black belts at life. You should respect what they have to say. Again, we reinforce this by taking into account behavior at home during rank promotions.

  8. Be faithful between teacher and student

    Your instructor is your guide in Tang Soo Do. Your instructor is there to challenge you to overcome obstacles and become even greater than you are today. You are to reward this stewardship by staying faithful to the studio and to the instructors. Jumping to another studio just because they go to more tournaments or because their instructor drives a really cool car is antithetical to this article of faith. Your instructors know you the best.

  9. Be cooperative between brothers

    Siblings are like friends, but even better, since they are there for you throughout your life. Siblings are blessings and you are therefore encouraged to respect them as you respect your elders. When parents are not there, your siblings can be there instead. Co-operate towards common goals. In particular, you should encourage them to study Tang Soo Do with you in order to spread the mental and physical wellness to your siblings.

  10. Always finish what you start

    You should never give up. Just because you think it is going to take a super long time to achieve black belt is not an excuse to give up. You have made it this far – finish what you started.

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