Be thankful for what you have

I’m embarrassed to admit that a while back, I broke the law. I didn’t come to a full stop at a stop sign. There was nobody there, but I still did a bad thing. I knew it was going to be an intense day that day, since I had dropped my daughter off and was trying to make it to work at a reasonable hour, since I would then need to pick her up and would have to leave work a bit earlier. So to be stopped for a traffic ticket was a bit of a challenge.

I could have had let this ruin my day. I could have gotten very angry or upset. I could have taken it out on my teammates at work or my family at home. But like we discussed in March about having self-confidence and a positive attitude, I decided to try to have a positive attitude.

You see, in the last year and a half, I have come to realize how lucky most of us are, to be honest about it. I have gone through some pretty bad stuff, and the fact that, for now (God willing), none of that is happening anymore to me or my family, is a blessing. To be stopped that morning because I did something wrong is actually a blessing. Why? Because it could be so much worse than it actually is.

I know it is not November, but you should stop to think about how you can have a positive attitude and how you can give thanks for what you have. Remember – you have survived 100% of your “worst days” up until this point. This too shall pass.

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