Impostor syndrome

At my day job, I am a chronic sufferer of Impostor Syndrome, which is essentially thinking that you do not belong, and that any success you have isn’t because of your merit, but because you are getting lucky at the right times. I am surrounded by high performers at my day job, and it can be very intimidating at times. Moreover, I am in an industry, software development, where the more you try to learn, the less you actually know, because the body of knowledge grows faster than any human can possibly consume.

So I realized recently that training and teaching karate is the ultimate respite from this environment. Karate does not change nearly as quickly, and it is very much possible to master most of the content and the field. After all, that is why there is a rank called “Master”! When I’m training and teaching, I actually feel competent and useful almost all of the time. It provides a nice validation of myself after spending 8 to 10 hours doubting myself constantly.


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