Belt testing from 01 Jun 2018

The most recent belt testing was Friday, 01 Jun 2018. We had a veritable surplus of warriors there all striving to earn their next ranks. We had plenty of sweat, pushups, kicks, punches, ki haps, and, yes, board breaking. We had students flying through the air attacking these defenseless boards. They were overcoming their fears and obstacles, and having a lot of fun doing it at the same time.

Check out some pictures from this event (yes, our testing sessions are events) below from Instagram. As you swipe through, ask yourself – where else does your kid get this sort of confidence-building, calorie-burning, and life-altering experience? The answer is probably – nowhere else! This is why we encourage you to spread the word, and if you aren’t already a member, check us out under the “Get Started” linked above in the menu.

Also, if you are not already, please follow our Instagram account @davidfullerkarate. We are posting plenty of interesting pictures there from classes and other types of pictures as well. It isn’t all just the same boring stuff. We try to mix it up.

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