We have switched URL shorteners

Yesterday, our URL shortener, bit.do, was offline for several hours. There has been no acknowledgement of the outage by bit.do, and our requests for updates have not been responded to either. bit.do is back up now.

In case you have no clue what I am talking about – we pass out short URLs to certain important items from time to time, like this blog – previously it was http://bit.do/DFKBlog. This makes it easier to remember. But because of yesterday’s outage, none of these were working. These links are referenced throughout our digital media (including advertising), as well as posted physically in the dojan.

So yesterday, we switched from bit.do to bit.ly. We had chosen bit.do because an account was not necessary to create custom short URLs. However, at this time, we have created a Bitly account and have recreated all of our custom short URLs in Bitly. Simply replace “do” with “ly” and the link should work (except for bit.do/DFK…this is now bit.ly/DFKarate).

Non-custom short URLs, like bit.ly/ek5DU, were migrated where possible. Not all could be migrated, however, since the URLs were already taken in some cases. If you come across 1 of these in the future, and bit.do is acting up, just shoot us a message however you’d like and we will send you the bit.ly equivalent.

Finally, we have updated all Facebook posts we could find, about the last 8 weeks of Instagram posts, and the 1 spot it was referenced on YouTube. Tweets, of course, cannot be edited, but the issue is documented there. Snapchat also does not need any update since all of the content there disappears within 24 hours anyway. At this time, we don’t believe any place on this blog referenced bit.do. If it did, these instances will be updated.

So that’s about it. It will be bit.ly going forward and we should be good! Sorry for any trouble noticed during this issue.

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