Who else wants a confident child?

Do you notice that your child is having difficulty in school, or in other social situations? Is he or she too shy, does not participate in class or sports, and is generally unsure of his or her abilities?

I may be describing your child. I hope I’m not. I am describing, though, how I was sometimes before I started martial arts at age 8.

My introversion was making me a shy kid. It wasn’t that I was shy by nature, but I certainly was not confident. Then, my parents started me in Tang Soo Do. I remember the day so clearly – and I remember doing front kicks to this very day. It is a day that is burned into my memory.

My parents wanted a confident child. They also wanted me to get exercise and to be able to defend myself. My high school was not in the best school district. In fact, my school district saw 2 school shootings in 17 days. So they wanted their child to be confident in this very uncertain world.

Tang Soo Do changed my life! I am now far more confident than I ever would have been. At David Fuller Karate, parents relay this same sort of story all the time to us. They notice a transformation, and it is unlike any other transformation from cross country track or team sports.

So I am asking you this question – do you want a confident child?

Do you?

Get started now.

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