The right way to a healthier child

Have you ever heard the phrase “Garbage In Garbage Out”? It’s a great phrase.

When I’m not doing social media for DFK, training, or teaching, I am a software developer in the daytime. Computers are super-famous for taking whatever garbage I happen to write in the form of computer source code and turning it into garbage behavior. We call these “bugs”.

I think the human body is much the same here. Garbage in? Garbage out.

It is very important to watch what is going into your body. I’m talking about food. Whatever goes in must not be garbage, because if it is, you will see garbage out in the form of sluggishness, laziness, and bad health.

Check out this article from Whole Foods Market on healthy eating habits for kids and teens – Nutrition Tips for Parents and Kids

Here are a few tidbits that we found great to keep in mind.

Limit access to “junk” foods, but provide some alternative sweet options. Making all sweets forbidden may only intensify a child’s attraction to them.

Great advice! Have you ever told a kid not to do something? What happened? Exactly.

For older children and adolescents concerned about their weight, teach them that physical activity and making healthy food choices, rather than dieting, is the best route for weight loss.

Love this! Trying extreme dieting in order to fit an image you saw in the Fake News Media is not productive. Healthy eating and exercise is all you need. Besides, your body will adjust to a diet, and eventually, your weight loss stops. It is called plateauing.

Give the article a read through and let us know what tips you find most helpful!


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