Time is running out for the After School Program

There have been more than a few chances for you to jump on board our After School Program train. Now, we are less than 30 days away from the start of school. Are you going to be left behind? Are your kids going to have “garbage time” after the last school bell rings and before you get home?

Let’s hope not. But we have news for you – we have only 2 spots left in 1 van and only 4 spots left in another. All of this delaying may make you regretful later.

For only $20/day (basically $8/hour), we offer the following benefits.

  • Transportation from school to the dojan
  • Karate classes included
  • All color belt testing fees included
  • Fitness and exercise classes
  • Fun activities and games
  • Adult supervision
  • Quiet time for homework
  • No charge for late pick-up
  • No charge for in-service days
  • No charge for half days

We pick up at the following (updated) list of schools. Note that this list is different from the list we published in May.

  • Exton Elementary
  • Mary C. Howse Elementary
  • Glen Acres Elementary
  • Penn Wood Elementary
  • Fern Hill Elementary
  • East Goshen Elementary
  • Collegium Charter School
  • West Chester Friends School
  • East Bradford Elementary

If you want to be set up with this by the time school starts, then please have your registration completed 7 days before the start of school. We provide no guarantees if this deadline isn’t met.

How do you register?

Contact us any way you’d like, or stop by in person. But that is not enough to lock down a spot on a van.

What does it mean to have registration completed?

You need the following completed in order to have your registration official.

  • Registration forms completed
  • Registration fee paid
  • 2 week deposit for June 2019

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