Boomerang self-discipline

I’m no Harry Potter fan, so the following quote is not that significant for me, at least in the way it would be for a fan.

Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.

What might we lose in karate? You may lose your self-discipline. Let’s explore this.

You start out in karate and you’re all in. You love the warm-ups, the forms, striking targets, and focusing without being told. You’re all in for the self-discipline aspect.

Then you get older. You think you get wiser. You think “there’s no reason for me to always brush my teeth”…why do I need that self-discipline to exercise good cleanliness? It’s optional, really.

Then what happens? You go to the dentist, and you find out – oops – you need to come back real soon for some unpleasant interactions with a drill, or worse.

So something you lost – self-discipline – is coming back to you in the end.

You may even start thinking that warm-ups are silly. Why do we need to stretch so much in class? It’s not like you would lose your belt if you didn’t kick above your head.

Yes, that’s true. But when the time comes to do some kicks above your head, and you’ve been nonchalant about stretching, a pulled muscle, or worse, isn’t far behind. Then good luck finishing that class. And I hope it isn’t your black belt test, because you know what? We’ll see you in 180 days for the next black belt test.

So maybe this quote makes a bit more sense now, especially as it relates to karate.

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