How to eat right for karate

We came across this article from written by Malissa Van Zee .

Karate: What is it?

Far from a very basic intro to karate, this is an article that is actually about karate and how to prepare from a dietary perspective. The author has an interesting perspective on the importance of nutrition on your performance as a martial artist. For pre-work out –

Pre-training (an hour or 2 before working out), have some carbs! Half a bagel, some whole grain cereal, or fruit such as an apple or grapes.

Personally, I do something similar. If I know I’m coming in to teach and train that day, when at work, I will opt for anything except salad for lunch – possibly some beef or a sandwich. We need to make sure we have energy in order to train effectively.

For after the work out –

Post-training: within 30 minutes of completing training, especially if it’s a tough or extra strenuous workout, you need some protein with some carbohydrates to speed up your recovery. I typically will have 1 burn with a smoothie with a smoothie with sustain. To find out what sustain is, look at my post from yesterday. And then connect with me. Another option is peanut butter on whole-wheat bread. Be sure it is one of the natural types of peanut butter without added sugar. Sugar will slow down your recovery.

Here’s a question – are you eating after you get home from karate class? I actually am, even though that ends up being at like 21:00 (09:00 PM). I used to eat dinner before karate class in order to have some energy, but over many years, this has changed. My dinner is not as prescribed as this, but I do think the advice is useful.

Do give the rest of the article a read through because the author includes much more detail about the meals eaten throughout the day when you know you’ll come to karate class that day. It is certainly important to take care of yourself. Who knows – maybe this will become our 6th life lesson!

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