Now You Can Have Better Behavior Without Acrimony

You do notice that some parents have it way easy, it seems. Their kids are always polite, never have to be told twice to do something, and aren’t talking back with attitude.

Must have been those great genetics, right?

They probably have no strife at home – they’re rich. Yeah.

Oh – it’s that pool they have in the back yard. Spoiled kids!

Go ahead, keeping making excuses like this for your kid’s bad behavior. I’ll wait.

Oh – you’re done now? Good. Because to be really honest, you need to know that you are failing because of you – not because of anyone else. Are you ready to know how you can have better behavior from your child without all of the acrimony of discipline, groundings, threats to run away from home, and temper tantrums? Great. Read on.

Kids crave structure. This is true even from a very young age. Kids need to know what to expect. Structure provides routine which provides predictability. So once structure breaks down, routine falls apart, and then a child does not know what to expect or when.

I like routine. I crave routine. Does this make me an adult child? Maybe. That’s the subject of another post.

But for this topic – it is very simply a matter of giving your child a structure and a framework that can provide focusing and self-discipline. That’s it! You have the secret, but now what?

Now you sign up for David Fuller Karate’s martial arts program. It is super easy to get started – you get 6 weeks of karate classes and a uniform for the outrageous price of $69. There is no contract or commitment beyond that. If you aren’t satisfied, you don’t have to continue. But you will. Just wait…


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