Solved: increase your child’s focus

Is your child struggling in school? Does your child think the classes are boring, and is having trouble focusing? The school year just kicked off not too long ago, and these are some common problems that parents face in a new classroom with a new teacher.

After all, there are so many other fun things a kid could be doing these days. Why in the world would a kid focus on classroom learning? What is in it for them, anyway?

As a parent, you have enough on your plate already. How can you solve this problem and make sure your child is gaining the education needed for success in tomorrow’s world?


Kids love martial arts, and martial arts teaches the skill of focusing. You may be asking yourself – “How exactly must my child focus to do martial arts? Isn’t it all punching, kicking, and mindless violence?”

  • Even our youngest students, the Little Ninjas aged 3 to 5, learn to focus. They must learn to focus on the instructor and follow directions in order to earn their next rank promotion.
  • There is no way a board can be broken without precision and focusing on great technique.
  • It takes immense focus to learn several forms (patterns of kicks, punches, other techniques, turns, and steps) and be able to recall them on a moment’s notice, and to not confuse them with each other.
  • When students begin sparring, they are taught that sparring is not a street fight, but like a very precise game of tag. In fact, there is a high degree of focus required to not knock out your opponent, because that is not the goal of sparring.

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