The nugget

You’re digging in the garden and find a fist-sized nugget of gold. The price of gold is $1200 per ounce. You have easily just stumbled upon tens of thousands of dollars. What will you do with it?

The new Xbox just came out. There is that cruise you’ve always wanted to go on. Oh oh oh – how about a new car? Love that 2019 Honda Civic. What about seeing the Impractical Jokers live on tour? They’re hilarious.

You child comes up to you as you hide the nugget in your backpack. Your child is in tears. There is a bully at school. The bully made fun of your child’s weird haircut and pushed your child to the ground. A week later, your child brings home a C- in basic math because your child is not focusing in class because of a lack of self-confidence.

Next week, you’re at a parent-teacher conference, and the teacher says that there is a chance your child isn’t advancing to the next grade at the end of the year and needs counselling. Your child is becoming anti-social and not excelling in the fundamentals. They are also noticing weight gain since your child isn’t confident enough to put in full effort in PE class. You go back to the kitchen and look at the pound-sized nugget of gold. You look back to your child.

Then you see a David Fuller Karate flyer in your child’s notebook and the intro program offer: 6 weeks of karate classes & a uniform for $69.

You’ve made your choice.

Your child’s comeback starts now.

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