Balance yourself

As you make your way through life, you will fall out of balance. Sometimes, the fall-out can be significant. Personally, I think my recent troubles have put me way out of balance in the self-care and home maintenance side of life. I am constantly reacting to situations, instead of having a routine and the balance to achieve harmony between home, work, life, and karate. So this is why I think you should take a read through this blog post – Harmony Between Yin & Yang by Shifu Daniel

Pay attention, be aware, and you will start to see the differences apparent in everything. You will then start to see the balance, or imbalance of various situations. Over time we can start to help correct the imbalances when they become apparent to us. This is the goal of any true martial artist. To help provide balance in the world.

The author is great at making a point about the famed “yin” & “yang”. Yang, the author states, initiates, and yin must receive and nurture the impulse to initiate enough for yang to act on it. What does this mean, really? Think about when we teach a new form to students. The instructor is yang, initiating the direction of the form, while the students play the part of yin, receiving and nurturing the output of yang until it is to the point where the student becomes familiar enough to do the form themselves.

Give it a read. It is a short post, but thought-provoking. Ask yourself – are you in balance?

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