New environments

What has the move to the new locations taught you? It has likely caused you to see your basic techniques & forms in a new way.

For example, when the mats were removed at the start of the move, everyone was training in shoes. This may seem like a small change, but after training barefoot for so long, wearing shoes and trying to do kicks or steps in a form is a different experience. Slightly different muscles get activated, and your brain is that much more engaged.

What about how the new locations both face a public road? Those sorts of distractions did not exist before. Can you stay focused as people walk by outside to watch you? What about the bright headlights of cars in the parking lot? Don’t take your eyes off the target when you kick!

Indeed, perhaps the most interesting new challenge is a challenge I have tried to bring more and more into the consciousness of the students – it’s a new environment! This means that the walls are different. Doors are in different places. The exit signs & clocks are moved. So when you are doing a form, there is no more crutch of “turn towards the clock” or “looking towards the windows”. These landmarks are all gone.

So we may not be fully set up at both locations for a while, but don’t let that take away from your opportunities to learn new things. Knowledge is all around you!

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