Winter camp

Just a reminder – we are closed 22 Dec 2018 until 02 Jan 2019. We will reopen 02 Jan 2019.

So now the question is – where will your kids be while you’re (possibly) at work getting some actual work done instead of attending meetings that should have been emails? It’s OK. We are here to help you. That’s all we want – to help you.

David Fuller Karate is offering a winter camp on 26, 27, & 28 Dec 2018! We’ll keep the kids busy. You can drop them off as early at 07:30 AM & pick them up at 06:30 PM. You need to sign up quickly. If we don’t get enough sign-ups, we will not be able to offer this camp.

The price is $105/child for all 3 days. If you need only 1 or 2 days, then the price is $40/child. If you are a regular member of our After School Program, then get in contact with us – you get a discount for being so awesome.

If you don’t need this sort of help, send this post to someone who does. Spread the joy!

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