Get your child to love school assignments!

Did the title of this post sound like nonsense? Is that why you clicked?Ā šŸ˜›

I’ll tell you what this title sounds like to me.

“Get your garden to love weeds!” “Get your cats to love taking showers!” “Get your shoes to love mud?”

You know – something that sounds so farcical that it can’t be true. Or, it can’t be possible. How can you get your child to love their school assignments, anyway?

You see – homework assignments are a drag. There – I said it. No kid is going to love doing school assignments naturally. It won’t happen.

Now let us step back and ask:

  • What character qualities will help kids get their school work done?
  • What character qualities will help kids get their school work done on time?
  • What character qualities will help kids get their school work doneĀ without you having to ask them to do it?

If you said self-discipline, you’re correct! Self-discipline is doing what you need to do without being told to do it. We have seen time and time again that children with high levels of self-discipline are more eager to get their obligations completed early so that they are not nagged to do them later. No kid likes nagging. These kidsĀ do their school assignments without being asked.

So following the technique of reduction here, the problem has been reduced to how best to increase your child’s self-discipline.

The solution is karate classes. Discipline, and self-discipline especially, is all throughout karate. At David Fuller Karate, we will get your kids to focus and have the self-discipline they need to be self-starters in the world of tomorrow.


Speaking of school assignments, don’t forget to also sign up for our After School Program, where we provide a dedicated environment for kids to get their work done and get tired – all before you have even picked them up!


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