Good punches

A good punch means you have a proper fist. (end of post)

OK, that’s a wrap – good job everyone. Clicking the “Publish” button now.

No, wait – that’s not all. Sure, a good punch all starts with a proper fist – curled fingers into a ball with the thumb on the outside on the bottom. Strike with the first 2 knuckles. But like a preamble, this is only the beginning.

A good punch resonates across your body. It is a full-body move. A good fist is useless unless you lock your wrist up – tense it up – to provide a fist that can strike the target. And if you don’t lock your elbow up as well, then forget it.

And yet, if punching ended with your arm, then we’d simply ask Skynet who has the strongest arms, award this person “best punches”, and we could go home now and have a cheeseburger. However, punching does not end with the arm. Hip rotation gives you more power. It’s like a batter in baseball. It is never all arms with baseball players. When they swing the bats, their entire body is twisting. When they pitch, their entire bodies wind up to generate more power.

The same goes for punches. Winding up and throwing your body weight behind your punch will make you orders of magnitude more effective. Now ask yourself – how is effective hip rotational velocity generated?

Imagine you’re floating through interstellar space. An alien challenges you to a sparring match. You throw some punches. The punches strike the alien but send you flying backwards. You rotated your hips! Why didn’t it work?

You’re floating through space, my friend. There is no way for you to generate any hip rotation because you’re not standing on anything. Your feet are not involved in an interstellar space-punch.

So your feet are part of punching too. Imagine this! Your feet provide a base for your to generate the hip rotation that drives your shoulder, locked elbow, and locked wrist towards your target, which is being struck by your first 2 knuckles.

Everybody got that? Good. Now go take your bodies to our dojans and do some full-body punches.

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