The little wolf & the 3 big bad piggies

Once upon a time, there was a little friendly wolf who lived in the forest. There were also some mean, big, bad piggies. There were 3 of them, to be specific. And they weren’t the same piggies that had their houses blown down. These were different piggies.

One day, the little wolf was looking around for some yummy berries. The biggest piggy saw the wolf and approached the little wolf. The piggy snuck up very quietly and attacked the wolf’s left side with a front kick!

The little wolf turned and stepped out in a front stance and blocked the kick and followed it up with a punch. The biggest piggy dodged the punch with a backflip over the little wolf. When the biggest piggy landed, he attacked again with another front kick!

The little wolf turned around over her front shoulder and blocked the kick again! After the block, the little wolf followed it up again with a middle punch and struck the biggest piggy, sending him squealing all the way home.

The next day, the little wolf was taking a bath in the pond. The baddest piggy saw this and wasn’t happy. The baddest piggy snuck up behind the wolf and tried to chop her in half with a knife hand chop!

The little wolf turned just in time to see it and did a high block, and after that, a middle punch to the baddest piggy’s solar plexus. The baddest piggy let out a cry and squealed all the way home.

The next day, the little wolf was walking up a hill to find some sticks. The meanest piggy wanted those same sticks. She hid behind a bush and waited for the little wolf to come by. When the little wolf wasn’t looking, she would attack.

The little wolf passed by the meanest piggy’s hiding spot. The meanest piggy jumped out from the bush and attacked the little wolf with a round-house kick!

The little wolf did an outside-inside block on the kick, trapped the meanest piggy’s leg, and came down hard with an elbow attack on the meanest piggy’s knee. After squealing for about 20 minutes, the meanest piggy began limping home. After a while, she stopped and turned around to the little wolf.

“Little wolf, aren’t you supposed to be huffing and puffing and blowing our houses down?” asked the meanest piggy.

The little wolf said “No, because I have learned respect and self-discipline.”

Confused, the meanest piggy asked “And where did you learn that, and all of those karate moves, little wolf?”

The little wolf said “David Fuller Karate” and hopped away into the forest.

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