Jesus & karate

Check out this post – 3 Lessons Karate Taught Me About Jesus by Emily Susanne, author of Fearfully Wonderfully Me. In it, Emily explores the parallels between karate and being a person of God. The life lessons we learn in karate are also the life lessons that can be learned in the Bible. In the first example, Emily talk about how her fiancé, Owen, made mistakes, despite his high rank, and even the instructor did as well.

Even though Owen is a black belt, there were a few instances when he messed up a kick or got hit while sparring. Even the sensei messed up at times! It didn’t surprise me that these awesome people failed, but rather, how gracefully they handled each failure.

Each student was humble enough to acknowledge his mistake and accept correction. They were humble and open to receiving wisdom.

This is the posture we need to have towards God. None of us are perfect, but when we mess up or sin, we must be willing to humbly repent and receive forgiveness and instruction in order to live righteously.

I can verify this. As an instructor, I mess up constantly. We are always learning. This is why there is no true black belt, but rather a midnight blue belt. Black as a color contains every other color and cannot be altered. It implies perfection. None of us are perfect.

Emily also goes into themes of perseverance, perspective, mindfulness, & focus. Give the full post a read through and let us know your thoughts.

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