Life lesson this month

In 2019, we are back at teaching life lessons. At DFK, we are always teaching more than simple Tang Soo Do, punching, & kicking. This is, after all, why you joined us.

Each life lesson is accompanied by a worksheet to be completed by the student, with the assistance of parents/guardians, and should be turned in at the end of the month. Sometimes, this will be the precondition for the monthly stripe. Other times, it will be the condition for a cool prize at the end of the month. Students are given only 1 copy of the worksheet. Do not lose it!

Our life lesson this month is cleanliness. Here is a video explaining it.

Aside from the official content, I always like to include a discussion about why we even talk about this at karate class. What does cleanliness have to do with karate?

Here’s 1 talking point of a few that I use. Let’s say you decide that your time is so valuable that washing your hands after you use the toilet is a big waste of time. You aren’t that bad at going to the bathroom anyway. Your hands don’t get so dirty, right?

A few weeks later, you start to feel bad. You have a runny nose. Your have headaches. The thought of getting out of bed makes you feel like sleeping for 2 days.

In this condition, you are in no way ready for karate. You chose to ignore cleanliness. Now you can’t train in karate. Cleanliness just negatively impacted your ability to be a martial artist. Q.E.D.

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