Kids can’t stop talking about it

There is a new trend spreading across Chester County, and it isn’t spreading because of parents. It is spreading because of the kids. Yes, that’s right – the kids can’t stop talking about it.

Something out there is causing a buzz. There is a certain clique at schools across the county, but this isn’t like the cliques that are derided by Hollywood. This is a clique of confident, energetic, and helpful kids. And the weird thing is that the clique spans schools.

There’s something about these kids that is different from the others. They seem to do better in school, but not in the annoying arrogant way, but in a fun, positive way. And what’s weirder is that these kids seem bully-proof. The troublemakers at school don’t seem to have an effect on them, and they even are starting to leave these kids alone.

So what’s going on?

It turns out that this “clique” is gaining something that isn’t offered by the schools they attend. No team or individual sport gives them this sort of advantage over their peers.

No… this advantage is possible only through the unification of mind, body, & brain offered by martial arts. These kids are going to David Fuller Karate and have a unique advantage over their peers. Not only do they gain confidence, burn energy, learn self-defense, and have fun, but they are focusing in class better and getting improved grades.

Do not miss out on this phenomenon. That’s what it is – a phenomenon.

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