Your father was an immortal, your mother mortal, this makes you half-mortal. You can die, but your immune system is invincible. You somehow married another half-mortal, making your kids all half-mortal, just like their parents. The tradition continues!

This wasn’t a good day, though. Your son, Jimmy, got in trouble again at his school for teasing the other kids – or as he calls them, “morties” – because they are all mortal. See – instead of Jimmy’s uniqueness causing him to be an outsider at school because he is different, it has turned just the opposite. The kids love watching him eat dirt and not wash his hands after using the restroom. They think it is hilarious.

So now Jimmy has turned into a bully at school because he makes the loner “morties” get sick all the time. He is tricking them into thinking that there is nothing wrong with eating cheese from 3 weeks ago or licking the bottom of your shoe. After all, Jimmy does it all the time. He never gets sick! Just this week, 4 kids were sent home with flumonia shingles.

The interesting thing about being half-mortal is that you can still die. If you fall off of a cliff or a plane crashes into you, you’re as gone as every goner who ever went. But your immune system is like Fort Knox.

Maybe little Jimmy needs to be taught some lessons. It’s not OK to bully the mortals. Jimmy was blessed with a gift. He should be using his gift for good. But Jimmy is going to need to learn these lessons, like self-discipline, respect, focusing, and character in a physical way. After all, this is really the only way he can relate to the “morties”.

After you and Jimmy finish having your rat poison milkshakes, something shows up in your Facebook timeline. It’s a sponsored message from David Fuller Karate. It’s a video, and some of Jimmy’s co-bullies are in it!

Wait – what?

Yes, Jimmy’s co-bullies are there listening to their karate instructor and hanging on her every word. How can this be? This instructor is surely a mortal.

Why are you wondering so much? There’s a “Get started” button right there on the screen.


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