The werewolves were getting restless. The low gravity of the moon was boring. Sure, they could jump high and chase each other really quickly, but that was old news by now. What was more interesting was that blue sometimes-crescent and sometimes-circle that stayed in the same place all the time. What was up there?

There were tales from the elders about how werewolves used to live there. They had cautioned against moving back. But that was so long ago. There was a new generation of lunar werewolves. The space program was taking off again. They wanted to go back to the blue crescent/circle.

Besides, nobody could remember why they couldn’t go back anymore. What was the worst that could happen?

The first ship took off. Everyone was so happy.

Then they returned. The ship was trashed. All of the modules were covered in strange hairs. Clothes were ripped. The spectators examined the scene. About 2 days ago, there had been a new Earth. Now it was a slim crescent. That’s when ground control lost contact with them.

They asked – “What the heck happened up there? Were you attacked?”

They looked at each other, deciding if they could tell the truth. Then the commander finally said it.

“Our Moon was rising full in the eastern sky. Some Little Ninjas at this place called David Fuller Karate were going home & saw us. When they saw the full moon, they started doing these really loud yells. We got so scared that we ran through a pet store & didn’t stop until we got back into the ship. We tore up the ship modules trying to barricade ourselves in.”

Another werewolf added – “They were terrifying. We must never go back.”

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