Does your child respect you?

There is an uncomfortable question every parent must ask themselves: does my child respect me?

I’m not talking about liking you or even loving you. I’m talking about respect (just a little bit!). Maybe it would be useful to define what it means for your child to respect you.

Every child disagrees with their parents. When your child disagrees with you, does your child talk back, resist, or fight you? Or does your child show disapproval yet accepts the outcome because your authority is respected? Does your child simply ignore you and keep doing whatever was disapproved, or keep asking for that toy that they cannot have right now?

That’s a sign of disrespect. No should mean “no” and the child should not expect you to cave.

Now let’s be real. There is a tremendous amount of pressure from the Fake News Media on parents to be friends with their kids & treat them like peers. Maybe, just maybe, you’ve taken this approach. Oops. But you are human like everyone else (except Mr. K with his insane jumping skills).

So how do you fix this problem before it is too late and you see your child’s Snapchat story come up in your subscriptions smoking 3 cigars at the same time in a nightclub in Bangladesh waving axes around a crowd while avoiding creditors?

Looking for respect? Scroll down to that button.

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