First kiss

Maybe this was the day that it would happen – Jimmy’s first kiss. He was so eager to kiss that pretty girl and stop being teased by the other boys. He was the only person he knew who hadn’t kissed a girl yet.

Of course, he should have been working on his homework and cleaning up his room, but those boring chores were for dorks. Jimmy wasn’t a dork. He was cool! Or at least he will be cool after he kissed the girl.

There she is! So gorgeous, thought Jimmy to himself. He wondered if he stunk – pits or breath. But it was too late for that now!

“Hi Jimmy,” she said.

“Hi!” Jimmy stammered.

“Are you ready to be cool?” she asked.

“Um definitely,” said Jimmy.

“Good, then lean closer, Jimmy. I’ll make you cool right now,” she said.

Full of butterflies, Jimmy leaned in.

“Join David Fuller Karate and get some self-confidence,” she whispered, and then walked away.

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