What the tutors don’t want you to know!

So… your child was having a tough time in math class, so you signed up for a tutoring program to help. This is a great step toward fixing the problem — a first step.

Yes. It is only a first step. Tutors can certainly help with comprehension & the fundamentals of the subject. However, the steps to gaining proficiency in a subject ultimately are to be executed by your child. There is a limit to how effective outside help can be.

Then is the fate of your child’s grade in math class now up to genetics? That seems like it is the easy way out — an excuse. Excuses are not worth making anymore.

Here’s a hint: it’s biological, but it isn’t genetic.

The brain needs blood. It loves blood. The more blood your brain gets, the better it performs. How do you get more blood to your brain? Get up and move. What’s the best way to get up and move?

The best way to get up and move is in a way that won’t bore you 10 minutes into it. And we know that karate is the best exercise for that. So keep the tutor. But finish this equation with karate. It’s easy. There’s a button right there.

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