Easter deal – you have to read this!

Nine dollars

Who knew that a late Easter this year meant incredible savings? We did.

You see, we normally have an intro program for new karate students. We sell 6 weeks of classes & a uniform for $69. This is already a crazy deal. Most uniforms cost $50.

But now, our Easter sale is blowing this out of the water. You can get this incredible deal for $9. Yes, $9. That means that most kids could start karate based on what they get in their allowances!

$9 is nothing to get your kid started on a confidence-building journey of physical fitness, self-reliance, and excellence. Do not be the parent that thought $9 was too much for a better life. Don’t take our word for it – our reviews speak for themselves.

With locations in West Chester & Thorndale, it has never been easier to get to us. Now, it is up to you to act quickly.

How do you get started?

This sale ends on Easter Sunday, so you need to act right now. Use promo code “Easter” when you check out.

Register now

Spread the word! If you get friends or family to sign up & then they begin a regular membership & they mention that you referred them to us, you’ll get a $50 cash bonus. So get that copy-paste game going, share on Facebook, tweet this out, send a snap to your friends, and so on.

4 weeks later, you’ll wonder why you hesitated on pulling the trigger on this life change. You will not regret it! We know how to set kids up for success. See you soon.

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