Chocolate discipline

“He’s dead….finally that monster got what he deserved” Charlie said as he reads the headline of the news paper. “Candy Extraordinaire Wonka has passed away”. Now, Charlie sits, and remembers the true events of the day he and the other children visited Wonka’s Factory.

It wasn’t like it was described in the media. There wasn’t a bunch of Oompa Loompas running around, singing nonsense songs. It was actually a rather ordinary day, a day that Charlie had prepared for in the preceding months.

There were temptations of sugary sweets everywhere. He was grabbed, attacked from all directions, & told that he couldn’t achieve his goals. The so-called tour of the factory was largely secondary.

But here Charlie was, older & wiser after having defeated the attacks on his body & mind. Charlie wondered to himself:

“How did I escape those 1-handed & 2-handed grabs by those factory workers?”

“How did I avoid those dangerous kicks to my head by those candy-cane soldiers?”

“How did I not give up when those chocolate bunnies told me that I would never reach my dreams?”

Charlie looked at his closet. He saw the David Fuller Karate shirt. He smiled.

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