Your destiny

Some people make all kinds of excuses for their lives. The dog ate the homework. Traffic caused tardiness. The teacher is why a bad grade was earned. Somehow, these sorts of people never even share part of the responsibility for an outcome.

I do not know many successful people who live this way. I think there is a difference between excuses & reasons. There are always reasons for outcomes. Successful people acknowledge reasons for an outcome & take responsibility for the outcome. Unsuccessful people make excuses for the outcome & take no responsibility. The following excerpt from a blog post from Long Reads illustrates this point.

When I was seventeen, I might have told you I was a neurotic student because my mom was so tough about grades. When I was twenty-five, I might have shrugged and said, eh, maybe it was my mom who made me a control freak or maybe I’m just me, who knows. By the time I reached my thirties and had my own children, I knew perfect parenting was a myth, and I understood that while she was responsible for making me, she couldn’t have known how I’d end up made. No one could have. That’s a little mystery we all unfurl on our own.

Wonder WomanLong Reads

In karate, you are ultimately responsible for your training. No matter how well I do as an instructor, it is up to you, the student, to take your training seriously. There isn’t any amount of teaching I can do that will make you execute techniques with power & intensity. If you do not want to attain karate excellence, then you won’t. And it will be your fault/choice.

And this is also why karate is great – ultimately, how high you go is up to you.

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