You won’t know what it’s like

So… it is 2019. Why are karate schools still here? There is augmented reality. We have books. There are books that detail essentially every part of Tang Soo Do. Why are we still here? Why not learn karate from the couch?

All of this knowledge hasn’t transformed into preparation or prediction. I still have no idea what it will be like. In almost every other realm, I can read dozens of books and walk away with at least some increased knowledge.

Heart Lifting by Abby

Check out that quote. It was written about parenthood by an expecting mother. But in all honesty, it could have been written about karate. Go ahead & read the karate books. Watch the DVDs. Have some video calls with karate teachers via the tablet. But until you step into the dojan, you’ll have no idea what it is really like to unite your body, spirit, & mind with karate training.

Karate is a transformation of your brain & body. This transformation is possible only with physical repetition. Your brain trains your body with muscle memory. There is no way to gain this without training, & there is no substitute for an instructor guiding you specifically & in-person. Everyone is different, & it is likely that your karate journey won’t be the same as the generic journey provided by a book or video.

Here’s the good news – you’re in luck. We have 2 locations right around the corner that make this journey super convenient for you. Click that button below & we’ll see you soon!

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